Thomas Rewers

it's me!

I am a thirty-two-year-old french boy, coming from Grand-Est in France. I am IT project manager in Mulhouse area, interested in new technologies, radios, live concerts, amusement parks and travels.

I like to watch action, adventure, science-fiction and thrillers films. I often practice my favourites sports : indoor, MTB, running and swimming.

I use free softwares. Here are some examples : Linux Ubuntu, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, Videolan Media Player, Audacity, LibreOffice, Geany.

I worked on PBL in 2006 about global warming's consequences in Alaska. I am aware of that problem. That's why I'm committed to the planet by walking, using my bike to go at work and getting about public transport.

I have already been to Paris several times with its terrible Eiffel Tower, Edimbourgh and Glasgow in Scotland, London and Canterbury in UK, Florence and Rome in Italy, Orlando and New York in USA. I would like to discover Berlin, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

I listen pop/rock music, with techno and some french/international varieties.